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LAMOX is the only manufacturer of Processed Micaceous Iron Oxide in India. We have been manufacturing MIO since 1999, at our factory in Taloja, which is located on the outskirts of Mumbai City.

Ground Micaceous Iron Oxide from the best mines in the country is processed to remove impurities and then by drying, magnetic separation and sieving is refined to produce a grey material with a metallic sheen and a lamellar structure. It is this lamellar structure combined with exactly the right particle size distribution which enables it to be used as a pigment in paints. It has unique properties which other types of micaceous iron oxide cannot equal. This is used in the paint, varnish and protective coatings industry (anti-rust protection, decorative metal protection) as well as in the ceramic and plastic industries.

Its excellent platelet structure and high chemical resistance make it an ideal pigment for all types of anti corrosion paint formulations providing corrosion protection for metallic structures in direct contact with aggressive environments such as marine etc.

We can safely assure you that the appearance and quality of our products are as per International Standards and are being used successfully by major paint manufacturers.

We can supply MIO in different grades as follows  :

  1. Unwashed MIO Grade T 500 : This grade is unprocessed/unwashed & grinded MIO which is used in formulations where price is a major concern. The colour is predominantly Red/Brown.

  2. Washed MIO Grade SG 150 : Washed & processed MIO with low Silica content. The colour is grey with metallic sheen. Particle Size is D-97, 150 mesh

  3. Washed MIO Grade SG 325 : Further processed to reduce particle size to be used as partial replacement (upto 50%) for Zinc Dust in formulations, with a view to reduce costs. Particle size: D-95, 325 mesh.
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